I heart Robots

Imagine your daily routine: you’re on the subway, walking down the street, going to the market, etc.  Now picture a small cardboard robot rolling by you with a flag taped to it asking you to help him reach his destination. What do you do?  Do you walk on by or do you help him?  Kacie … Continue reading I heart Robots

Beats, Rhymes & “Strife”

The documentary “Beats Rhymes & Life” follows the career trajectory of Hip Hop icons A Tribe Called Quest (Q-TIP, PHIFE DAWG, ALI SHAHEED MUHAMMAD & JAROBI WHITE).  In the film, Director Michael Rapaport tells a story of how artistic talent, opportunity and success converged in a perfect storm whose aftermath ultimately led to the dismantling … Continue reading Beats, Rhymes & “Strife”

Blogging Blues

So, I’ve been neglecting my beloved blog and it makes me sad.  There are too many excuses to count, but to sum it up, I’ve been trying to get fit; I’m cycling, taking kick boxing classes and working my way through P90X.  I’ve completely cut cupcakes out of my diet (a major accomplishment), cut back … Continue reading Blogging Blues