Eli Broad on 60 Minutes

On Sunday, “60 Minutes” featured a piece on Los Angeles’ billionaire philanthropist Eli Broad.  The story features a look into Broad’s  form “Venture Philanthropy” in which his charitable contributions are tied to investment gains.  His non-profit organizations centered in the Arts, Education and Medical Research each run like for-profit entities.  As such, his fiscal discipline … Continue reading Eli Broad on 60 Minutes

(I really need to invest in Photoshop) So, it’s been over a week and I’m still digesting Art in the Streets.  As I walked out of the Geffen on April 14th, a writer for LAist and I discussed how overwhelming the exhibit was.  I thought it was well done.  At the members preview, some complained … Continue reading

MOCA Covered in Krylon-A Preview of “Art in the Streets”

MOCA is bringing the streets to museum patrons in a comprehensive overview of the history of street art from 1967 through present day in “Art in the Streets”.  It is the first major exhibit of its kind in the U.S. “Art in the Streets” primarily focuses on graffiti art’s infamous rise in an economically tumultuous … Continue reading MOCA Covered in Krylon-A Preview of “Art in the Streets”


I’ll admit , the goal for my trip to New Orleans involved food:  lots of scrumptious, rich, Creole food.  Alas, this isn’t a food blog so I’ll refrain from gushing about some of the best meals I’ve ever had… Wait a minute, I can’t pass up a chance to talk about these restaurants, so let … Continue reading NOLA Part II