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  1. Hi Colony,
    Hope this email correspondence finds you well. As a writer that covers emerging contemporary art with a focus on amplifying the voices of African-Americans in art and media, I wanted to invite you to cover Art Fort Lauderdale 2019 – a four-day curated art fair that transports attendees on a journey along the famed Intracoastal waterways via water taxi with stops at vacant luxury waterfront properties that feature emerging artists exhibiting various styles and methods of art that reflect the past, the present and the future.

    Viewing art inside confined spaces like convention centers and under tents have become more of a purely commercial and transactional environment that lacks memorable experiences and is void of opportunities for thought, reflection and contemplation.

    So what does this look like, an Art Fair, in Fort Lauderdale, on the water? Well, the journey begins at the boarding location, where guests wait for a water taxi or private yacht to take them on an artistic journey of discovery to multiple vacant luxury waterfront properties where they can view, interact with and purchase art of all kinds. The water taxi does a custom route that rotates all day throughout the waterways of the Intracoastal which allows attendees to stay for as long as they like at each property and gives them time to contemplate and anticipate what they see and what they hope to see on the next stop.

    From paintings and art installations to artist talks, guests get the opportunity to purchase and experience art in a natural setting and ultimately an environment where art eventually lives.


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