Museum Stores: My Happy Place

7 thoughts on “Museum Stores: My Happy Place”

  1. There is another location you might want to try. As a lover of gardens, I saw a special recently on the Disney Concert Hall’s Roof Garden.

    The exterior is, as I understand it, somewhat controversial with its very modern, stainless steel, even futuristic architecture. The interior warms with beautiful woods and acoustics. Then the roof garden offers a quiet respite from the hustle and bustle of downtown L.A.

    If you have an opportunity to visit, I’d appreciate experiencing it through your eyes and it has a LA Phil Store!

  2. I love your top ten things you like about LA. Do you know I’ve never been there yet?! I know, its a crime. I’m hoping to make it over there this winter and escape some of this NYC nastiness!

    Also, do you have a button so that i can share some of your posts on my twitter?

    1. So nice of you to stop by and check out my posts out Danee! I just added Twitter, FB, Digg and e-mail links, thanks for suggesting that. There’s some great things happening in L.A. I probably should have added the Getty to my list, it’s incredible!

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