Deja Vu and “The Broad” Design Review

8 thoughts on “Deja Vu and “The Broad” Design Review”

  1. Love this post…thanks for the update! Lots to look forward too in the LA art scene.

    I love your “still”, inspiration comes in many forms even a yummy piece of fruit!

  2. I didn’t know about this project and it looks fantastic and so futuristic! It will be a good reason for me to take the flight over to LA and check out the art scene there. Thanks!

  3. The Asian Pears are brilliant. I wouldn’t put it past Diller and Scofidio to be inspired by this. They started as installation artists/Theoretical architects. First saw an installation of theirs at the Wexner back in 91.
    Nice get!

    1. Thanks Mario, I’m still surprised at Broad’s decision to go with them given their limited work, but after seeing what they did with the ICA in Boston and hearing a bit more about their process, it’s clearer to me why he went with their firm. They have a fascinating approach to their work which clearly stems from their academic point of view.

  4. Super connection- love the post and your pic of the Asian Pear wrapped with ” museum quality cushioning!” Who had the idea first for the outer walls of The Broad? Just goes to show that – art is all around us- in the mundane and the broad ( no pun intended) if we only slow down and look! Have never been to Calif.. maybe one day soon…

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