Blogging Blues

2 thoughts on “Blogging Blues”

  1. That art was done by Os Gemeos. They are identical twin brothers and they hail from Brazil. They are my favorite street artists!

    I feel your pain. Blogging is a lot of work and takes up serious time. I’ve been too busy to write and I hate to neglect the one hobby I have! Maybe you can set aside one morning or afternoon for blogging and write several posts and have them spread out to publish over the week. That would take some of the pressure off while you’re busy doing other things.

    Hope to see you up and posting again!

    1. Os Gemeos, that’s right! Thanks for the ID Janene! I had not heard of them until I saw their work in Art in the Streets. Excellent blog tips by the way, I will def use them. Looking forward to more posts on Hairpik!

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