I heart Robots

4 thoughts on “I heart Robots”

  1. “Tweenbot” is thought provoking – struck me as a commentary on the digital age. We increasingly express our human side more and more through non-human means, social media, digital devices etc. Ponder–would humans act the same toward each other? Kinzler said it best in her presentation “Robots that make humans act more like humans”!

    “Talk to Me” is simply mesmerizing! I’m still processing it, but my experience is very positive. It’s digital communication at its best you can travel, escape, learn, be entertained just by a click. Loved the two together — Thank you Culture Shock!

    1. That’s such an interesting observation Ann! I agree, in this digital age it’s far easier to express ourselves through non-personal forms of socializing. I find the Talk to Me Site difficult to navigate, I’ll have to give it another shot!

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