6 Kings…

2 thoughts on “6 Kings…”

  1. You are completely wrong, & do not understand the graffiti world whatsoever. fab 5 freddy stole Sever’s work and passed if off as his own, actually arranging the images on a comptuer then digitally printing it onto a canvas. This is not “alleged”, or up for debate, freddy did it! A letter V, E, or R, etc done by Sever is unmistakable. Sever has developed a very specific unique style, this is a FACT it is not a matter of opinion. If you look at the photo evidence of this side by side and you still don’t see it then you are a complete moron. Your opinion is not valid.

    1. Letterforms: First off, I never claimed to be an expert in the world of graffiti, this blog is a chronicle of my observations. Secondly if you read my post I said I’m reserving judgement. I’m not going to argue the artistic merits of digitally copying a writing style and incorporating it into another work. Some call that sampling (in the music world), and others call it biting. Either without proper credit is not cool-I get it. Perhaps you should take that argument up with Shepard Fairey or Patti Astor who curated the show at Subliminal Projects. I do know this; keeping this beef alive between Fab and Sever is going to be a boon to both of them if they play their cards right.

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