If I Could Have Time in a Bottle (or Box)

6 thoughts on “If I Could Have Time in a Bottle (or Box)”

  1. Great list! Let’s see…

    1. My Kindle Touch – totally changed my life!
    2. Empty CD case – I haven’t bought a single CD this year because nothing has been good enough to purchase in physical form.
    3. My laptop – how could I survive without all the cat and cute animal memes?
    4. Coconut water – I don’t believe the hype but I still find myself drinking this expensive shit.
    5. Postcard from my 1st art show (totally self-indulgent, I know!)

    1. These are great Supahcute! I especially love the fact that you would include something from your first show. That was a key accomplishment! I don’t get coconut water either, but I drink it too! (I blend it with watermelon and mint and convinced myself that it’s a good recovery drink after working out…)

  2. Well chosen list; I think for essence of 2012 maybe that Youtube video of the kid who didn’t like Bronco Bamma.and Mitt Romney I knew exactly how she felt – it seemed to dominate the whole of 2012 and it wasn’t even our presidential election. I am so relieved it’s over and of course that Obama won. On the Warhol time capsule I think it is way too soon to open them – these things should be left for at least 100 years. Opening it now is a bit like having a sneaky look at Christmas presents three weeks early.

    1. Haha! A sneaky look indeed, but I am so curious about them! They should do what my husband did as a child and box ’em back up 🙂 Regarding the election, thank you for your comments, I couldn’t agree more and I often wondered what our global peers thought about the entire process. I for one am weary, but relieved with the outcome.

  3. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for your post on Warhol’s time capsule. I am intrigued by the video unveiling & the “Out of the Box Project”. Those are 3 lucky museum workers to get to do that for a living. Hope you’ll have an opportunity to attend an unveiling in person someday.

    My 2012 box would include: My Nook w/ 3 classics I read this year, 1) The Tenant of
    Wildfell Hall by Ann Bronte; 2) The Sound and the Fury and 3) Absalom, Absalom by William Faulkner. Not exposed to classics until college & then it was forced labor not pleasure, in my retirement I’ve learned to really appreciate & enjoy reading, dissecting and learning on my own. 4)Prompted by the PBS production of Les Miserables’ 25th anniversary production in London I went to see the live production when it came to my city, so my program would have an honored place in my box. 5) Finally, my little stove-top 1-cup espresso maker that makes the best Latte to accompany my reading pleasure.

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention there were a few other videos on that U-Tube link ironically about Faulkner that I’ll explore.

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