Help! Style Challenge

3 thoughts on “Help! Style Challenge”

  1. I LOVE that dress and I LOVE styling so here we go! 🙂 The orange heels are good if you want a classic look or you could go with a nude heel (less matchy and more chic). If you’re going to an art show, you can also edge it up with a sporty wedge. I have an off white & black pair by L.A.M.B. that would blow this up! Pass on the jackets and the pink clutch. With that much color and print, you want to let the dress be the show stopper and rock a metallic clutch for contrast. If you need a jacket, a lightweight spring trench in bone or camel won’t detract (check out See by Chloe for structure. Zara has similar options too). Stud earrings are perfect. The pink link necklace would get lost on the dress but a bold ring like the marc by marc jacobs knuckle duster on shopbop will set it off. Enjoy that dress!

    1. Thank you, thank you! These are great tips. I’m so used to letting my accessories do the talking (with a more understated wardrobe) that this print stumped me (as much as i love it) Great call on the nude shoe, ring and spring trench, those options were just what I was looking for to ground this look 🙂

      1. No problem! I have a closet FULL of prints (obviously) so I know how challenging it can be to switch things up and get multiple uses from them. Up the edginess a bit on that dress and you’ll wow them at the next art show! 🙂

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