Artist a Day Challenge No. 10 Basquiat & Golden Boys

2 thoughts on “Artist a Day Challenge No. 10 Basquiat & Golden Boys”

  1. Interesting take.

    It’s a delicate dance; artist ultimately want their work to reach and inspire people. It’s hard for them to stay true to who they are once the fame and fortune arrive, because most folks get used to this new life.

    Basquiat is an interesting case because while successful during his life, his fame skyrocketed after his death. I get the impression that he was one of the few artists who didn’t change much after the praise and accolades arrived (I could be wrong though).

    Wow, I remember Res; my wife really dug her stuff. Perfect example of how “not fitting into a box” can be one’s downfall.

    1. Thank you so much for commenting. It’s certainly a fine line. My understanding of Basquiat was that he well taken care of to enable him to pursue his art. In the 80’s many gallerists offered lucrative subsidies to artists to mass produce their work. I think that this kind of commoditized support can catch artists in a double bind between between the life that fuels their creativity and the life subsidizes it. It’s really no different with music and major record labels. There are examples of artists whose debut albums were so monumental, but the art was borne out of a different economic place for them. With fame many lose their edge.

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