The Let Down: Netflix’s Ambitious Take on the Birth of Hip Hop Falls Flat

9 thoughts on “The Let Down: Netflix’s Ambitious Take on the Birth of Hip Hop Falls Flat”

  1. Very poor review. This article reflects a mindset out of touch with many asthetics of the series. I believe the writer is out of thier element and called sholin fantastic, sholin famous lol. Very indicative the writer has no clue.

    1. “Shoalin” Fantastic, I’ll gladly culp to the use of Famous over Fantastic-let’s agree to call it a typo… Cinematically the show was good, but the character development and writing fell short. Netflix took a gamble and it didn’t pay off. The history of the birth of hip hop deserved more than what it got with this.

      1. The reason why you don’t like the show is because you missed the connection. You can’t relate to that era or the issues going on around that time but I can. I like how the setting was in the south bronx and not brooklyn or queens. I’m from the south burbs of Chicago and believe it or not, shit is getting real rough out here and the bronx street numbers is just like the south burbs. This series reminds me of home.

      2. I hear what you are saying but relating to the SBX isn’t really the point. There are themes that transcend plot that allow people to relate to a story even though that isn’t a shared experience. The show actually did a decent job of showing the economic social and political forces that plagued NYC in the late 70’s and that is a story that resonates w many. As a fan of hip hop the series just didn’t speak to me. Enjoy season 2.

  2. Well, just because it didn’t relate to you, as a hip-hop fan, doesn’t mean it didn’t relate to someone else, as one. If it’s as popular as, I’ve heard it is, Netflix must of done something right. It is a show, carried by music buffs, and actually rappers from that era. Unless you were around during the 70s or you just appreciate the beginnings of hip-hop (which isn’t the 90s) the show won’t speak to you.

  3. You covered some good points here. However, Its a show not a documentary. Little known fact, the majority of the youth in BX who pushed this nameless movement were Puerto Rican. From b boy to graffitti art. They were the pioneers. There was no head spinning break dancing in the beginning. Just electric boogie battles. Hence Boogie down Bronx. The South Bronx is/was nothing to glorify, but this show pushes a positive message. And although the truth was a bit stretched, I and others can relate. If you found nothing you can relate to in this series, then this show wasn’t for you or your review. #FallBackWithTheWack Shoalin Famous tho BOL && fantastic four plus one wouldve been an ill name back in the day. Dont be shocked, You just don’t get the culture. Ironic, huh?

    1. LOL that was cute…I don’t remember saying I didn’t relate to a single element of the show. Is that a prerequisite for liking? If so I better cancel some of my favorites.
      Anyway, glad the show brought you some joy. When is the next season again?

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