DTLA Lunch @ Industriel

While I say I’m a “recovering Foodie”, I frequently find myself relapsing into old habits…like stalking new restaurants.  In the months before Industriel opened I thought it was going to be a Gallery, but when I found out it was a restaurant I excitedly counted down until the opening-then completely forgot about the place and … Continue reading DTLA Lunch @ Industriel

My Sawtelle Stroll

There’s a small stretch of Sawtelle Bl that is the Westside’s version of Little Tokyo.  In all my years of living near this area, I never spent time over there, but Saturday I needed to go to Giant Robot to look for a gift for a friend, and found some pleasant surprises.  They’ve got the … Continue reading My Sawtelle Stroll

The Art of Compromise-Donuts and Clock Watching at LACMA

A recent conversation with my husband: Me:  “Hey honey, they’re giving away free donuts at LACMA for 24 hours…” Husband:  “Wow, really?” Me:  “Yeah, a different donut every hour”. *Looking at donut schedule* “Maple Bacon?!  Want to…” Husband:  *grabs keys* “Let’s go” And just like that, we were headed to LACMA. Little did he know … Continue reading The Art of Compromise-Donuts and Clock Watching at LACMA