Artist a Day Challenge (15): James Baldwin

James Baldwin, 1945.  Portrait by Richard Avedon. Photo Credit, National Portrait Gallery Yesterday’s post about Dawoud Bey took a close look at his 2013 Birmingham Project, a photographic examination of church bombings and deaths that took place in Birmingham, Alabama on September 15, 1963. Bey’s work was an attempt to reconcile the present through an examination … Continue reading Artist a Day Challenge (15): James Baldwin

SFMOMA in 3: Part 3

Recognizing that 3 posts about SFMOMA may have been overkill, I would be remiss if I didn’t share some observations on the functional space and the technology in addition to a couple of warnings that may save you from some awkward museum moments. Everything about the new building orchestrates visitors to the Fisher collection, which … Continue reading SFMOMA in 3: Part 3


Seasoned arts professionals who visited San Francisco last Thursday for a press preview of the magnificent new Museum of Modern Art also ambitiously popped over to the new Gagosian space, the Wattis Institute or Minnesota St Projects all in the same day. I am far from seasoned.  After my day at SFMOMA I stumbled into the bar at 111 … Continue reading SFMOMA in 3