Artist a Day: Alison Saar

One thought on “Artist a Day: Alison Saar”

  1. Thank you so much for this valued background info on Alison Saar’s “Hot Comb” series. I did have the chance to see it at Frieze LA and it was wonderful. It felt like she had shared art with some but a cultural journey / inside story that would have deeper meaning for People With Frizzy Hair….”Hello MOST Black women.”

    Visitors came across this showing only if they made to the very back corner of the exhibit hall.
    By that time you were wandering through pretty quickly, but this time being in the back cadicorner from Calida Garcia Rawles’ “Water Dancer” work which is getting so much exposure as the cover art for Taneshi Coates’ newest book.

    Taken together, these two installations gave us viewers a chance to feel like we had wandered into the best of cultural interpretation. Thank you for reminding me that I had the chance to experience and absorb both of these brilliant artists side by side.

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