“Unlocking the Truth”-A Young Band That Schools Us All

Remember when that photoshopped picture of Michael Jackson wearing a Joy Division shirt made the rounds last year?  I was bummed when I realized it wasn’t real, because there’s a part of me that loves the juxtaposition of two disparate worlds colliding in perfect chaos. When I first saw it I was taken back to musical youth.  As … Continue reading “Unlocking the Truth”-A Young Band That Schools Us All

Weekly Rewind Vol. 1

I’m trying something new.  Here’s my Friday round up of my absolute favorite posts from last week in Fashion, Music, Art, and Food.  All posts are inspired by Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.  So let’s jump in! 1.  Kara Walker-Indypendant Article   The Kara Walker Domino Sugar Factory exhibit has closed, and I have to say I had mixed feelings about this particular … Continue reading Weekly Rewind Vol. 1