In Memoriam: The Legacy of David Mancuso

In San Francisco in the 1990’s, the club scene fell into one of two camps:  the heavily promoted, large scale parties at Club Townsend and the Sound Factory or the smaller word-of-mouth underground parties like Informal Nation, the Beer Cellar and Sophies, (Raves rested somewhere between the two). My world revolved around the underground.  You wouldn’t hear about … Continue reading In Memoriam: The Legacy of David Mancuso

Weekly Rewind Vol.2

Here’s my weekly recap of my favorite discoveries found online this week. Duro Olowu’s “More Material” I’ve been so preoccupied with work, life, drought-proofing our yard (we removed 2/3 of our lawn, *self-aggrandizing pat on back*), that I’m having gallery withdrawals.  If I could transport myself to any show, here’s where I’d go right now.  Designer Duro … Continue reading Weekly Rewind Vol.2