The Price of Passage: Betye Saar at Roberts & Tilton

The human brain works as a binary computer and can only analyze the exact information-based zeros and ones (or black and white). Our heart is more like a chemical computer that uses fuzzy logic to analyze information that can’t be easily defined in zeros and ones. ~Naveen Jain One world deals in absolutes: “Black vs White” … Continue reading The Price of Passage: Betye Saar at Roberts & Tilton

New Site! TONDI

My new site is officially up!  I’m excited about trying something new and I invite you all to continue to follow my journey into contemporary art on TONDI.  I truly value all of my followers on WordPress and have learned so much from this first blog.  Cheers to a new beginning! Continue reading New Site! TONDI

Weekly Rewind Vol.2

Here’s my weekly recap of my favorite discoveries found online this week. Duro Olowu’s “More Material” I’ve been so preoccupied with work, life, drought-proofing our yard (we removed 2/3 of our lawn, *self-aggrandizing pat on back*), that I’m having gallery withdrawals.  If I could transport myself to any show, here’s where I’d go right now.  Designer Duro … Continue reading Weekly Rewind Vol.2