Idée Fixe-January

An “idée fixe” sounds so much better than an obsession, right?  You can pretty much make any horrible thing sound glamorous if you say it in French!  Here are my January obsessions, (or what I just can’t get enough of THIS WEEK…)  Since this little blog of mine focuses on Art, Food, Handbags and Music, … Continue reading Idée Fixe-January

Friday Musings: An “Outsider’s” View of L.A.’s Contemporary Art Scene

On Friday during Happy Hour, instead of having cocktails, I became inebriated with the exuberance of my own verbosity”. This was the result.  Brace yourselves… I was catching up on what I’ve missed in the Art world over the last couple of days by reading some articles primarily about the ouster/resignation of MOCA’s Paul Schimmel … Continue reading Friday Musings: An “Outsider’s” View of L.A.’s Contemporary Art Scene

@ MoCA

Recently I decided to take a stroll over to MoCA Grand to check in and see what’s new.  As luck would have it, they were having a slow day so I had the entire museum to myself (more people were more excited to see preparations for a Batman filming taking place on Grand Ave).  My … Continue reading @ MoCA