Mike D X Clare V

My love for handbags and hip hop have been mutually exclusive up until this moment, but now these two worlds have collided in a collaboration that I had to shine a spotlight on.  As part of the release of their next issue, the Australian lifestyle magazine Monster Children has enlisted the editorial styling of Mike Diamond of the Beastie Boys. … Continue reading Mike D X Clare V

2013 “Rewind”

Whew!  Before I look forward to 2014 (and I must say, it cannot come soon enough), I thought I’d take a quick look back on my digital footprints and share my favorite CultureShockArt moments of 2013.  So I picked 5 posts from Twitter, Instagram, WordPress and Pinterest that were either popular, or made me squeal, “Eep … Continue reading 2013 “Rewind”

Color Your Mood

I know, I know, tangerine was so 2012, but there’s something about orange…  We’ve got a serious case of “May Gray” today in L.A., but whenever I see this color it makes me happy!  Orange has become one of my favorites.  It has been said that the color orange stimulates enthusiasm and creativity, so to … Continue reading Color Your Mood

Idée Fixe-January

An “idée fixe” sounds so much better than an obsession, right?  You can pretty much make any horrible thing sound glamorous if you say it in French!  Here are my January obsessions, (or what I just can’t get enough of THIS WEEK…)  Since this little blog of mine focuses on Art, Food, Handbags and Music, … Continue reading Idée Fixe-January

New York State of Mind

If only my Christmas shopping was as easy as picking out this look. Source: cultureshockart.polyvore.com via CultureShockArt on Pinterest   I wish I was in New York getting my last minute shopping done, instead I’ll be duking it out over parking spots at the mall. Sighs, a girl can dream… All jokes aside, I LOVE … Continue reading New York State of Mind