Artist a Day Challenge 2016-18: David Hammons

Most of David Hammons work is aligned with assemblage (the practice of incorporating found materials in art), so this particular piece departs from his traditional aesthetic.  Despite this, the work remains contextually rooted in some of his earlier themes.  In the 1980s Hammons created the “Basketball Hoops Series” to address the myth of sport as … Continue reading Artist a Day Challenge 2016-18: David Hammons

New Site! TONDI

My new site is officially up!  I’m excited about trying something new and I invite you all to continue to follow my journey into contemporary art on TONDI.  I truly value all of my followers on WordPress and have learned so much from this first blog.  Cheers to a new beginning! Continue reading New Site! TONDI

Artist a Day Challenge No. 10 Basquiat & Golden Boys

In 1983 Basquiat took an extended leave from NYC to live in Los Angeles.  Accompanying him was the reclusive, eclectic musician and artist Rammellezee and painter Torrick Ablack (aka Toxic).  Basquiat was at the apex of his career at this time and during this trip to Los Angeles he tried to leverage his fame to encourage art world powerhouses to … Continue reading Artist a Day Challenge No. 10 Basquiat & Golden Boys

Designer Con 2014

I adore Designer Con. Every November, artists descend upon Pasadena’s Convention to celebrate Pop Art of all forms. DCon is a mind boggling bonanza of collectible art including paintings, illustrations, plush toys, vinyl toys, street art and one of a kind clothing. With close to 350 vendors on site, there was a lot to take … Continue reading Designer Con 2014

The Subversive Trickster: Kara Walker on Creating a Pretty Curse

In anticipation of the Broad Museum’s opening in 2015, the museum is hosting a lecture series called the Un-Private Collection.  The sessions are designed to introduce the public to the Broad’s collection and the corresponding artists behind the works. The latest installment in the successful series featured a discussion with Kara Walker hosted by Director Ava … Continue reading The Subversive Trickster: Kara Walker on Creating a Pretty Curse

Weekly Rewind Vol. 1

I’m trying something new.  Here’s my Friday round up of my absolute favorite posts from last week in Fashion, Music, Art, and Food.  All posts are inspired by Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.  So let’s jump in! 1.  Kara Walker-Indypendant Article   The Kara Walker Domino Sugar Factory exhibit has closed, and I have to say I had mixed feelings about this particular … Continue reading Weekly Rewind Vol. 1

DesignerCon 2013

I am forever on the lookout for new graphic artists and animators to follow, so we headed to DesigerCon at the Pasadena Convention Center on Sunday. DCON has been around for 8 years, and is a convention that fuses urban, underground, pop art with animation, vinyl collectible toys, and clothing. The result was a mass … Continue reading DesignerCon 2013